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Heartland Prayer Shield

We believe in the power of prayer.  That is what the Heartland Prayer Shield team is about.  Hundreds of Heartlanders across Northern Indiana that pray daily for Heartland Church, it's leaders and its people.

This prayer ministry is designed to provide "prayer cover" for the leaders and people of Heartland Church.  So that God can move in special ways through the leaders and people of our church.  So that the enemy is bound and God can transform lives.

After you sign up you will start receiving text messages from our text service

These simple text messages will give you a prayer focus for the week.  Every so often a "prayer alert" text will be sent as well.  With an issue that is in need of specific prayer at that moment

By signing up for this prayer team you are committing to pray regularly, preferably daily, for the church, its leaders, and its ministries 

This ministry is led by Pastor Heath Hiatt.  If you have any questions please feel free to call him or text him at 219-863-0352


Here are PDFs of some prayer models that you can use to deepen and lengthen your prayer time.  Feel free to download them or print them out to help you pray with more focus.

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