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Our Core Values

Heartland Church is built on a biblical foundation that determines how we think about God.
The expression of those thoughts reflects our values--the ideas and attitudes we believe are important.
  • We value full devotion to Christ and His cause and consider it normal for every believer.

  • We value our public celebrations, which contain "now" encounters with the Holy Spirit through dynamic praise and worship along with anointed teaching and preaching, as catalysts for transformation in the lives of individuals and the church.

  • We value going through life together and fostering loving relationships that permeate every aspect of church life.

  • We value being culturally relevant as a church while remaining doctrinally pure.

  • We value authenticity and honesty in the lives of Christ's followers.

  • We value the presence of the miraculous in our midst.

  • We value lost people because they matter to God and, therefore, ought to matter to His church.

  • We value world missions and will devote significant time, energy, and money towards developing leadership and materials for them.

  • We value the unity of believers and will honor and support other life-giving churches and individuals that love God.

  • We value the participation of all believers in ministry and service.

  • We value prayer, both individually and corporately, as vital, effective, and real communication with God.

Want to learn more about Heartland.Church? Watch this Podcast where President and Pastor Heath Hiatt shares the vision for Heartland.Church.
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