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Israel & Hamas: The Truth About What is Really Happening

We are joined by Dr. Marc Royer, fresh from his 2-week trip to Israel and Yoram Black.

Yoram Black is a native Israeli. Yoram served as a Lieutenant Colonel Battalion Commander with the IDF Paratroopers. He has a BA in International Relations and Political Science from Jerusalem Hebrew University in Israel. Following his studies, he served the State of Israel in various positions including several years in the United States. After returning to Israel, Yoram has turned his love and passion for Israel and its people into a profession. Not only is he the Holy Land Tour Director for the largest Tour Company in Israel, but he is also a Licensed Guide by the Ministry of Tourism. During the Israel-Hamas War, Yoram is on the front lines as a “Fixer” for the Press, setting up interviews and following his passion: for the world to see the truth behind all the things going on in Israel. During his “off time” through the war, he uses his own vehicle to carry soldiers back and forth from the fighting to spending 12 to 24 hours at home with their families. According to Yoram, the most valuable reward he has ever received was a month ago when a ten-year-old boy gave Yoram a hug for getting his father home for his 10th Birthday Party for a 6-hour leave. Yoram is a world-class diplomat, problem-solver, and communicator.


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