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Moses 16 (Stop and Listen to the Lord)

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

In this message, Pastor Heath Hiatt reflects on the story of Balaam and emphasizes the importance of stopping and listening to the Lord. Balaam's initial obedience is praised, but he quickly veers off course by manipulating the situation and ignoring God's instructions. The passage stresses the need to truly listen to God and follow His guidance, rather than trying to make our own decisions. Balaam's story serves as a cautionary tale for believers to seek God's direction and trust in His plan. Pastor Heath also shares personal experiences of pride and the consequences that followed, urging listeners to admit their mistakes and make things right. Ultimately, the message encourages surrendering everything to God and focusing on Jesus rather than ourselves. The importance of seeking forgiveness and making amends is also emphasized. The message concludes with a prayer for the ability to hear and understand the voice of the Holy Spirit and discern the enemy's attempts to divert us from God's path.


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